Web system ''Insurance''
WEB system "Insurance" gives flexibility and convenience to the client service process: insurance company employee, authorized representative or intermediary can insure a client at any place and any time. The system ensures data and program protection by providing individual passwords and different rights for information entry, review and correction to users. Encrypted algorithms, ensuring protection of forwarded information, are used for data exchange.
  • insurance contract (policy) conclusion (automatic premium calculation according to entered data, insurance proposal, policy print-out, recording to database);
  • motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance system (interfaces with Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish insurers' bureau information systems);
  • MTPL insurance contracts and policies: standard, group contract, frontier contract, Green Card;
  • all other types of insurance policies;
  • client data entry;
  • long-term, short-term insurance policies;
  • policies for legal, natural persons;
  • multiple insurance (several types of insurance per policy) policies;
  • functions of insurance policy cancellation, replacement, renewal and annulment;
  • automatic policy renewal function;
  • automatic vehicle value determination;
  • automatic real estate value determination;
  • verification of numbers of insurance document forms according to form accounting principles;
  • electronic document and process administration system;
  • invoice drafting and print-out;
  • entry of payments;
  • accounting of intermediary commission;
  • management of restriction of system user's actions;
  • module of limitation of insurance sums, discount application, indemnities according to separate groups of users and insured;
  • various insurance reports, report data to EXCEL, PDF, HTML, other formats;
  • search of data stored in database (insurance policies, policyholders) according to parameters freely chosen by client;
  • restrictions on data review according to user subordination, hierarchy (employees of different departments or companies (intermediaries) can see only data of their department or company);
  • fast and convenient policy and payment data export procedure for import to insurance broker accounting systems;
  • registration of claim;
  • e-mail sending;
  • attachment of external documents to policy;
  • storage and preview of PDF copies of documents;
  • administration module of communications with clients (communication registration, administration, tasks for system users, automatic reminders);
  • calculation of client loyalty, insured object loss ratio according to Customer's formulas, various parameters, with a possibility to set comparative weight to each parameter;
  • registration of unwelcome (risky) persons and insurance objects, application of various restrictions to them.

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